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magic carpet

We've been cleaning carpets since 1988, and after 30 years

we've gotten pretty damn good at it.

Welcome to Magic Carpet

Cleaning Services

We at Magic Carpet Cleaning Services have over twenty five years of hands-on experience.

We deliver:

  • a high quality, value-for-money cleaning service.

  • a friendly, polite and above all, efficient service.

  • timely appointments always (or we let you know)

We can clean all types of carpets, rugs, upholstery and mattresses, even flood-damaged fabrics. Our aim is to leave you satisfied with the work we have carried out each and every time.

Contact us as soon as possible to ensure better cleaning results, as time delay can cause stains in your carpet to dye lock. We will make it our priority to get to you quickly to prevent this from happening and to provide the best service possible.

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carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We can remove tea and coffee stains, wine spills, chewing gum, rust, paint, blood and many more types of stains.



Prior to cleaning we test a small area to ensure we use the right cleaning agent for the job and so the fabric of your furniture is not damaged.



The process we use is environmentally, human and pet friendly.



We have on-going contracts with fully satisfied businesses, universities, hotels, art galleries, pubs, restaurants.



All leather furniture and upholstery is cleansed by hand, gently applying cleaners and conditioners to leave your leather soft.



Much of the cleaning process is done by hand, giving you a crisp, clean rug with lifted bounce.

Our work comes fully guaranteed; and for your peace of mind, we are fully insured against all risks.

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